Tuesday 17 January 2017

Cylinder pressure sensors.

The Type 6124A uncooled cylinder pressure sensor, from Kistler, has a measuring range of 0 to 300 bar and is equally suited to laboratory and on-road applications in challenging environments.

The key to the performance of the new sensor is the high sensitivity of Kistler’s PiezoStar® crystal even with the compact physical design. The sensor offers excellent thermal sensitivity and linearity characteristics (thermal sensitivity shift ≤±1 %) and linearity (≤± 0.3 %) with a measuring range of 0 to 300 bar at up to 350°C. The combination of high sensitivity and excellent thermodynamic characteristics delivers high-precision and accurate measurements.

The decoupling of the measuring element and an improved cable connection ensures that the Type 6124A can deliver an excellent lifetime, even under harsh operating conditions and the new sensor, being uncooled, is suitable for test-cell applications and in-vehicle testing.

This shoulder-sealed sensor has the benefit of offering a flush-mounted installation in the cylinder head and the extensive range of mounting accessories ensure that the sensor can be installed through the water-jacket directly or by using a mounting sleeve.

The new Type 6124A cylinder pressure sensor delivers a powerful combination of high sensitivity, low thermal shock error, excellent linearity and minimal sensitivity change across the temperature range and is interchangeable with the ground-isolated Type 6125C pressure sensor. Whether on the test bed or the road, the new sensor provides performance to match the demands of the most challenging applications.

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