Wednesday 11 January 2017

Power distribution in harsh environments.

Schneider Electrical has introduced Canalis KR, busbar trunking for high-power distribution in harsh environments and critical applications.

“Productivity, cost control, safety and environmental concerns are key concerns for businesses today. Reliable, available energy is the key to successfully navigating these challenges, and ensuring maximum uptime,” said Brendan Dolan at Schneider Electric. “Canalis KR was developed to withstand the most severe environments. Even in the event of fire, the solution ensures the operating continuity of critical equipment. This latest solution reinforces our commitment to making technology more connected, safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.”

The new busbar trunking solution can be installed almost anywhere and its innovative design means power can now be distributed to places where it would not have been cost effective, or even possible before. The solution can be installed edgewise, flat or vertically without derating, including through floor slabs or fire barrier walls. The flexibility of the solution delivers reductions in installation costs, time and upheaval.

Canalis KR completes the Canalis System range and offers seamless continuity between Canalis KR and Canalis KT. Made of prefabricated sections, the new offer has been adapted to all run configurations and is highly durable and suited to handle the most demanding conditions due to its proven design, based on cast resin technology. It is compliant with IEC 61439 part 1 & 6, guaranteeing safety of persons and equipment, electrical availability and long-term reliability.

Key benefits include:
• Ensures operating continuity and power uptime in harsh environments and critical applications
• Reliable and efficient for power from 800A to 6,300A
• Maintenance free, easy to clean, and compact design
• Sealed in order to withstand damp and dusty environments, such as mining and metal work industries as well as corrosive and salty environments like chemical plants and shipyards
• Able to withstand explosive atmospheres, making it an ideal solution for oil and gas applications
• Easy-to-use and CanBRASS software enables easier Canalis busbar trunking design and quotations, keeping projects on time and under budget.

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