Wednesday 11 January 2017

Flange management!

Atlas Copco Bolt Tightening Solutions has launched an innovative flange management system. The iFMS is a modular, software-based management system designed for planning, data capture, analysis and reporting of activities related to the inspection, maintenance and testing of bolted joints and pipework.
The iFMS has been developed for operators wishing to manage assets throughout construction, commissioning, shutdown, turnarounds and routine maintenance. Packed full of features and benefits, the iFMS is intuitive to use and comes complete with a unique, intrinsically safe hand-held tablet that can be used in the field to gather and report information that is automatically uploaded to the system.

The software contains an established database of flange, connector and gasket types, as well as bolt materials and can incorporate the torque and tension tool details from any supplier. Flexible import routines allow data import from a variety of formats and applications and the system can be customized to capture any data and generate additional service line work-packs. The drawing module allows PDF-based ISOs and P&IDs to be marked up to support flange management and leak testing instructions, procedures and activities and the drawings and work-packs can be copied and edited and mark-ups can be retained to facilitate the rapid generation of packs.

System generated leak test packs are based on HSE ‘Safety requirements for pressure testing – Guidance Note GS4’ and the Flange Management Information capture and reporting is in line with the Energy Institute’s ‘Guidelines for the management of integrity of bolted joints for pressurized systems’.

With project managers in mind, the software has built in tools to monitor project progress as well as anomaly tracking and customizable reports and outputs. Real time data capture enables a detailed and accurate audit trail as well as eliminating the time and errors associated with re-keying data.

The iFMS is easily tailored to support additional service lines so can be used as a single tool to support all main business operations

In field trials, the new iFMS has been used to drive major new-build, upgrade and shutdown projects globally.

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