Wednesday 18 January 2017

Drive ranges purchased to continue availaibility.

Following the recent closure of SmartDrive Limited*, Mclennan has purchased the design and manufacturing rights for the entire line of the former motion control provider’s D- and DM-series full/half stepping and microstepping Eurocard drives.

This popular and well-proven range had been a flagship product for SmartDrive since its inception in the mid-80’s and has become a key product for many OEMs and end-users. Notwithstanding the regrettable closure of SmartDrive, by securing the manufacturing rights Mclennan can guarantee existing users continuity of supply going forward. The range also stands alone as an excellent and compelling Eurocard format stepper drive for new applications, perfectly suiting motion control integrators and machine builders preferring stepper drives and 19-inch rack systems for automation hardware.

Mclennan’s new D and DM series drives are form-fit replacements for the former SmartDrive models, utilising the equivalent components, manufacturing techniques and quality control procedures as their previously available counterparts. D- and DM-series drives use the 3U high x 160mm deep Euromodule format. Both drive types are available in 5 current-rated ranges and employ top quality MOSFET technology coupled with high efficiency heat sinking for maximum efficiency. Continuous current ratings cover 2.8A, 5.5A, 8.0A, 11.0A and 16.5A with supply voltages ranging from 27 to 94V DC. For each model type flexible and straightforward current setting ensures optimum performance whilst the highly reliable drives feature Comprehensive Dynamic Protection (CDP) which reacts against motor winding faults within 5 µs. The D series provides 200/400 full/half step resolution whilst the DM series offers microstepping up to 51,200 steps/rev binary or 50,000 steps/rev decimal.

As part of its wide range of motion control components, Mclennan can supply compatible stepper motors, gear units and other power transmission components as well as design and build complete motion systems around the new drives.

* Details of winding up of SmartDrives (19/12/2016)

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