Thursday 12 January 2017

Development site achieves cybersecurity certification.

The Honeywell Phoenix (AZ USA) product development site in the US has achieved the ISASecure® SDLA lifecycle certification. Honeywell received the conformance certificate from exida, LLC, an ISASecure ISO 17065 accredited certification body.

Mike Medoff, Senior Safety and Cybersecurity Engineer at exida, stated: “Incorporating cybersecurity in all phases of your development process is an important step in developing secure products. This certification shows that Honeywell has taken this step and is committed to delivering secure products to their customers.”

The certification independently confirms that Honeywell’s named system development lifecycle (SDL), the Standard HPS Iterative Process (HIP), meets the security development lifecycle requirements of the ISASecure® Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA) certification, which is based upon the IEC 62443 industrial cybersecurity standards. The certification may be viewed here.

The ISASecure® SDLA certification provides assurance to Honeywell’s customers and their procurement teams that Honeywell has made a substantial and institutional commitment to cybersecurity. The certification demonstrates that the certified Honeywell site uses a product development lifecycle in which cybersecurity is considered at all phases—from design to phase out.

“Honeywell continues to demonstrate leadership in ensuring cybersecurity of industrial automation and control systems,” commented Andre Ristaino, ISCI managing director. “They were the first supplier to submit products for the ISASecure EDSA certification. And then, significantly, they followed that up with the ISASecure SDLA certification of their Phoenix development site.”

Jason Urso, Vice President of Technology for HPS, said “ISASecure provides a comprehensive framework for cybersecurity in the process control industry. Honeywell embraces and applies ISASecure methodologies as a fundamental part of our software development lifecycle, including certification of our products to meet their high standards. Honeywell is excited to continue participation with the ISA Security Compliance Institute in the future. Just like safety standards, cybersecurity is an essential part of an industrial control company’s strategy. ISASecure is key partner in helping us to achieve our cybersecurity goals.”

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