Tuesday 10 January 2017

Handheld communicator enhanced!

Power the Loop technology has been introduced by Emerson for their AMS Trex Device Communicator, helping users work more effectively and perform faster device configuration – on the bench or in the field – by removing the need for an external power supply.

“The ability to power a hard loop off the Trex unit is huge,” said Joel Holmes, principal engineer at Monsanto. “We no longer need to have an additional power supply or loop simulator on hand, whether it’s out in the field or back in our shop. It’s a huge advantage for the technician.”

The Trex communicator supports Emerson’s Project Certainty initiative, adding flexibility in project scheduling and helping project teams achieve faster start-up times. When using the Trex communicator in the field for new projects, Power the Loop technology can help take device configuration off the critical path.

The Trex communicator allows users to power devices directly from the handheld communicator. Users can perform device configuration tasks before power and I/O infrastructure are in place, and without the need for the installation of the host system, wiring, piping, and other elements. During everyday field maintenance, users will no longer waste time searching the shop for a compatible power supply or confirming adequate loop resistance before connecting to a device. Technicians can simply connect the communicator to a loose device to power it, speeding configuration on the bench.

“The Trex communicator gives technicians the flexibility they need to work efficiently in the field without carrying extra equipment,” said Mani J, marketing director for Emerson’s reliability solutions. “By reducing the number of tools necessary for configuration and commissioning, technicians can easily increase productivity and speed project start-ups.”

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