Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bluetooth wireless pressure measurement in industry.

A unique pressure measurement device has been announced ideal for remote pressure monitoring throughout industry. Interface Force Measurements' new iDucer is a Bluetooth wireless pressure transducer that gives engineers the ability to make pressure measurements where conventional pressure monitors are not practical.

The iDucer is a self-contained, battery-powered unit manufactured in high quality stainless steel. With Bluetooth 4.0 output, it connects effortlessly with smart phones, tables and PCs, enabling remote data collection and subsequent wireless dissemination. It features pressure ranges 0-1PSI to 0-30,000PSI with an impressive standard accuracy of 0.1% FSO, with 0.2% also available, on request.

It has been developed as part of the GP:50 range of pressure sensors and transmitters for use in harsh and hazardous areas, but has also found applications in areas such as automotive and autosport, aerospace and is currently in use in a number of university departments throughout the USA.

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