Thursday, 14 April 2016

3 Steps to help identify potential electrical problems and their impact. @FlukeCorp #PAuto #Power #Energy

Fluke has introduced a comprehensive collection of free online resources to help industrial engineers, electricians and power quality/energy specialists identify potential power quality issues, understand their impact, and choose the best tools to resolve the problem - all in three easy steps.
Often power quality issues present themselves in ways where the root causes are not obvious. Fluke’s new power quality resources lead users through the process of identifying the pain points they are experiencing, pinpointing the cause, and understanding whether it is causing energy waste, equipment failures or unplanned downtime that affect the bottom line.
The resources provide in-depth knowledge on:
·       Power Quality
o   Understanding power quality
o   Troubleshooting power quality
o   Understanding the costs of power quality issues
·       Understanding and influencing energy consumption
o   Monitoring energy
o   Identifying energy waste
o   The cost of energy

There is also a wealth of downloadable application notes and an online product selection guide to help understand the impact of power quality problems and how to resolve them.

@FlukeCorp #PAuto #Power #Energy

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