Thursday, 7 April 2016

Learn Labview from a distance!

National Instruments has launched a series of new live webcasts called: Live Webinar - LabVIEW Introduction and Demonstration -19th April 2016. The 1-hour long live webinars are intended for all engineers and researchers that feel like they are spending too much time on implementation instead of innovation.

In this live webinar, an NI engineer will walk attendees through the world of LabVIEW and the graphical system design approach. Attendees will learn how LabVIEW can help them in their daily tasks while developing any measurement or control system.

Webinar contents
Designing and testing today’s complex systems requires companies and individuals to rapidly prototype and deploy new applications flawlessly. LabVIEW is a unified graphical platform for designing, prototyping, and deploying applications. Attendees will learn about the LabVIEW platform: how to approach graphical system design for the first time and how to start programming exactly the way you think. Through live demonstrations, attendees will learn about LabVIEW features and functions, and how these will enable them to create their first program. Attendees will be introduced to the different levels of complexity of LabVIEW through quick live demos.

Webinar format
Listening to NI experts in a live session of one hour, asking questions directly and interacting with NI during the presentation on a live chat or after the presentation. The session are held in English.

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