Monday, 18 April 2016

Digital Single Cable Solution for servo motors.

When Hengstler first introduced the Single Cable Solution at SPS IPC Drives 2015 in Nuremberg, they claimed to have set a new standards for efficiency, safety and performance. By offering a true Single Cable Solution with high performance, Hengstler meets the latest requirements of today’s motor feedback systems.

An examination of what are the respective requirements of machinery manufacturers, machine users and end customers, reveals a clear trend. The focus is on maximum machine reliability, availability and also cost reduction at the same while securing investment to some degree by the use of future-oriented technologies. Machine and system manufacturers increasingly strive for cost and space reductions and implementation simplicity, with no compromises on performance. With its Single Cable Solution, Hengstler has provided a fitting response to the needs of the market.

From the machine manufacturer's point of view, maximum machine reliability and availability is absolutely mandatory and a real competitive advantage. Safety has to be first when considering the aspects of man/machine interaction, but not at the price of having to stop the machine. The single cable solution with its ACURO®link interface is designed to ensure a high level of functional safety in servo motor control systems. The data protocol of the electrical interface meets the requirements of SIL3 according to IEC 61508 and Cat. 3 PLe EN_IOS 13849, while the ACURO®AD37 encoder itself, and the IP core in the control, can meet all requirements from non-SIL to SIL3 depending on the application scenario. Because of the safety function that can be implemented in the drive, the machine can keep running thanks to the single cable solution, even if someone is directly in the potentially hazardous zone. A mandatory prerequisite to enable maximum machine reliability and availability.

Safety however is only one part of the equation of safety, efficiency and performance. An operating temperature of up to +115°C, an operating speed of up to 12,000 rpm and a low mounting depth of 28mm make the AD37 the most compact absolute multi-turn encoder in its class. In the SIL3 configuration, the high performance encoder known as AD37E sets new standards. Its extra efficiency and performance give a decisive competitive advantage to the drive system. The AD37 series make this possible with its high accuracy and resolution. An "electronic datasheet" in the encoder stores specific encoder data, which can be read out at any time. In the encoder itself, the motor and drive data are stored in an internal OEM memory. This is primarily of interest for end users, but also for machine manufacturers. Using this data, solutions for preventive maintenance, minimum down-time and significantly increased productivity can be implemented. The electronic product identification provides motor characteristics, its product code and serial number which make it possible to adjust automatically to each motor’s parameters. Diagnostic and monitoring functions provide important information on the operating status of the machine. This is a significant contribution to implementing Industry 4.0 scenarios and translates into security of investment for the customers who buy the machines, because the Single Sable Solution fulfils all the requirements for supporting future technologies in the best way.

Particularly in today's market, motor manufacturers are focussing on designing motors that are smaller than ever before and with higher performance. Energy, space and resource savings are given the highest priority. By enabling motor output and motor feedback signals to pass through a single cable, efficiency is significantly increased. Especially in large systems, the gain in space becomes notable and considerable weight is saved in the motors. There are other important advantages that are gained from faster installation and lower cost of material for system cabling.

With the Single Cable Solution, Hengstler offers a well-balanced overall concept and a product portfolio that continues to be expanded now and in the future. Customers are convinced that the digital approach with a true Single Cable Solution is the right choice. The advantages in terms of investment security, cost and performance are evident.

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