Tuesday 12 August 2014

Medical packaging inspection!

Stemmer will be showing the Contact Image Sensor (CIS) from Mitsubishi Electric at this years MEDTECH Ireland (Galway, 1-2 Oct 2014). This is the latest in document reading technology and can be used to scan labels, instruction leaflets and medical packaging in full colour to check for print defects, colour defects or logo defects.

Image formation in the CIS is achieved via a double-row lens array, using gradient index rod-lenses, matched to a colour tri-linear CMOS sensor. Each individual lens captures an image of a very small region of the target. Thanks to some overlap in the individual images, a clear, sharp, combined image with virtually no distortion is produced along the narrow line of the sensor with a resolution of 600 dpi.

CIS combines high data rates, high sensitivity, excellent colour rendition and resolution without any additional effort in set-up, camera alignment or calibration. Image data output is provided via standard industrial CameraLink interfaces. Built-in timing control includes encoder inputs and light control. Two sets of integral white LED lighting can be varied in intensity and controlled independently. CIS products are available in three different lengths, offering scan widths of 309, 617 and 926 mm.

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