Monday 18 August 2014

Positive results for Eurolec's cool brain!

Eurolec Instrumentation has recently created a new associate company called Oriel Medical Devices Ltd. This new company has been exploring how to apply the technology & experience gleaned from Eurolec products, to introduce some exciting NEW instruments.

They have been aware of the very high number of people who suffer strokes or heart attacks each year.

Induced hypothermia has been recognised as having benefits in improving the prognosis for victims of: ischaemic strokes; cardiac arrest; brain trauma. It is also used to assist babies who experience breathing difficulties at birth & to cool the scalp of chemotherapy patients to significantly reduce hair loss.

Oriel Medical Devices Ltd. designed a self contained, non-invasive, portable, simple to operate electronically controlled system “Cool Brain“ which can accurately regulate the temperature of a body area to heat or cool the specific area ( including the head ). The instrument will operate from:- its own battery for approx. 1 x hour; or a 12v  paramedic vehicle battery or from mains power.  This functionality permits the earliest possible intervention in an emergency situation to optimise the prognosis for the patient. (See also For a cool head! 12/12/2012)

A prototype model was evaluated by the Neuroscience Dept. at Trinity College Dublin under the guidance of Prof. Shane O’Mara. The results were encouraging & anyone interested can read the full academic report in the prestigious: Open Access Journal of Science & Technology

Following the TCD report, Oriel Medical Devices Ltd. is now refining this patented “Cool Brain “ design to operate at lower temperatures & with different attachments for different applications  & global market sectors.

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