Friday 22 August 2014

Roadshow series on device management!

The FDT Group and PACTware are working closely together to host a series of user seminars focusing on device operation management to educate plant engineers on easier solutions to commission, diagnose and maintain HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS devices over the device life cycle with a single tool.

The no charge seminars will be given by PACTware experts who will be making four European stops:
• Frankfurt, Germany; Oct. 21,
• Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Oct. 22,
• Antwerpen, Belgium; Oct.23,
• Ludwigshafen, Belgium; Oct. 24,
to broaden the scope and awareness of PACTware.

PACTware is a manufacturer and fieldbus-independent software organization for operating field instruments. The PACTware organization uses the FDT standardized interface that supports device integration between their Frame Application, PACTware and the individual device via a DTM (Device Tool Manager). Users no longer need to use several different manufacturer-specific configuration applications to access device information from different field instruments.

The half day events will kick off with an overview of the technology, followed by user-oriented, vendor neutral workshops focusing on operation and maintenance benefits. Attendees will have the chance to learn how configuration of a device is made easier and how advanced diagnostics enhances predictive maintenance and troubleshooting – while at the same time- increasing productivity and making life of a plant engineer a little easier. In addition to the tutorial, the event will allow attendees to network with their peers and PACTware experts at table tops showcasing the latest equipment available from leading manufacturers.

Each event will conclude with a multi-vendor demonstration showing attendees first-hand how PACTware, a Frame Application, enhances device operation through the entire life cycle of a device. The demo features numerous application examples, showing how device access can be facilitated and accelerated by using a single tool for all networks and field devices communicating via HART, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocols.

The events are sponsored by the leading manufacturers in the industry including; Bopp & Reuther, ICS, Foxboro by Schneider, KROHNE, Pepperl+Fuchs and VEGA exhibiting their FDT enabled equipment on table tops.

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