Thursday 28 August 2014

Wireless instrumentation range now available in Japan!

Mantracourt Electronics has announced that it has appointed Tokyo Sokki as a technical partner for Japan. Tokyo Sokki will assist in the sales and technical support for Mantracourt’s broad range of load cell amplifier technology and wireless instrumentation systems.

"We are delighted with this appointment,” said Louise Stubbs, Marketing Co-ordinator at Mantracourt. "Much of Mantracourt’s success has been built on working closely with Technical Partners, helping us to understand their requirements and to assist them in selling our products. Tokyo Sokki is a very good match for this approach, they have a high level of technical expertise and experience in this field, and provide excellent customer service."

Tokyo Sokki have been experts in the field of strain measurement for over 50 years, through the development and manufacture of strain gauges, measuring instruments and transducers.

In co-operation with Mantracourt, Tokyo Sokki has achieved certification for Mantracourt’s T24 wireless telemetry product range. The T24 range now complies with the strict Japanese technical regulations for radio equipment (TELEC Certification). This was gained from the Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

The Mantracourt T24 wireless telemetry range is a flexible low power radio system designed to enable the transmission of high accuracy measurement data including voltage, current, pulse, temperature, displacement and also data from pressure sensors and load cells.
With a combination of transmitter and receiver technologies, users are able to remotely monitor instrumentation readings.

A T24 module can transmit to a range of receivers including handheld indicators, digital displays, analogue and serial outputs, PC display and wireless printer and has various powering options. Data is provided in real time at variable speeds with a direct line of sight range of up to 200 meters, which can be extended with the use of high gain antenna’s and repeaters.

“The T24 wireless instrumentation products have helped introduce instrumentation to many new and innovative applications,” said Louise Stubbs. ”Whether it is moving parts on a machine or difficult to access equipment, wireless technology is enabling a new generation of measurement. In this respect, we are very pleased to have located such a talented and knowledgeable technical partner in Tokyo Sokki to help us spread the word on the T24 product range”

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