Thursday 14 August 2014

Telemetry lift link load cell offers flexibility in lifting load monitoring!

The new ET24 telemetry lift link load cell’s contemporary power management means transmission distances in excess of 200 metres are achievable in open-field situations, avoiding the expense and problematic use of cabling.  The telemetry lift link’s batteries will last for more than 600 hours with the batteries in the handheld display lasting up to 40.  There’s no need to worry about finding special batteries either as both the load cell and display use any standard AA alkaline type.  The antenna is internal so there’s no risk of damage during handling or operation, giving the ET24 telemetry an IP65 environmental protection rating.

Wireless Monitoring from Multiple Locations

This telemetry system allows for easy wireless monitoring from multiple locations and by many personnel simultaneously, thanks to its radio station like broadcast that allows as many receivers as you want to pick up that data. The ET24′s superb adaptability also allows the use of multiple load cells in a single application, such as a multi-point lift or multi-crane lifts, enabling instant simultaneous high accuracy readings. By using the T24-HA handheld indicator you can display the sum of the outputs from up to 12 telemetry lift link load cells and scroll through the readings from each individual lift link if required.

More Channels of Measurement

Here’s an example of a multi-point monitoring system:

  • T24-HA Handheld Display – Provides a local, portable readout of live load (possible users: Site Foreman, Project Engineers, Lead Engineers).
  • T24-SO Module & SERIALDIS Display – Provides a large LED display of the live reading to provide in-cab monitoring for a crane operator.
  • T24-RM1 Relay Module – Has 2x 240V/5A relays which can be used to trigger a safety cut-out in case an overload situation occurs.
  • T24-BSue Base Station and T24Log24 Software – Provides live monitoring and logging capability, allowing load data to be collected throughout the entire lifting procedure for future review and analysis.
The T24-SO serial output moduleT24-RM1 relay moduleand T24-PR1 printer can work with up to 8 telemetry lift link load cells simultaneously, adding their outputs.  If you need more channels of measurement, then it’s time to move over to the T24Log24 software, a purely PC-based monitoring system.  The T24Log24 software will display and log data from up to 24 measuring channels simultaneously, giving you a complete system overview with the ability to zero individual channels with a single click if required.
Superb Accuracy
The ET24 telemetry lift link’s superb accuracy of ±0.3% of the reading is unbeaten in its price range, making the ET24 not only a high accuracy telemetry lift link load cell, but a fantastically affordable one too.

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