Tuesday 5 August 2014

High performance miniature linear motion components!

Thomson Industries has expanded its range of high performance, miniaturised components with the launch of several new products. The new precision TSI Rolled Ball Screws offer high load capacity, smoothness, and quiet operation which can be easily customised. Thomson’s unique design offers up to two times more load capacity than alternate ball screws, resulting in longer life and better return on investment. Screws are available in diameter sizes from 6 to 14mm, with flexible ball nut mounting configurations and precision rolled screws to T7 accuracy class.

The new Thomson Miniature Metric Ball Bushing® Bearings offer smooth and rapid operation in a light, compact package - lasting up to 27 times longer than conventional linear bearings. Lightweight design enables precision movements and short acceleration times. Double-lip integral wipers help secure lubrication while keeping dirt out, which increases life expectancy. Thomson Super bearing plates provide smooth operation and long life. An optional corrosion resistant version is available for use in harsh environments.

The Glide ScrewTM, is another recently launched Thomson product with miniature sizes available. It combines the best features of linear bearings and linear guides into an easy-to-install, one-part solution. It requires no external guides and delivers the ultimate in compact design. Glide Screw™ is a screw and a nut which can handle axial, radial and moment loads and is smaller, simpler and more reliable in many applications than traditional solutions. Its self-lubricating design makes it effectively maintenance free and the product has re-written the rules for achieving linear motion in small machines.

Thomson miniature components provide smooth, precise movement and are ideal for numerous applications in areas including medical diagnostics, test and measurement, rapid prototyping and mechatronics. They provide solutions for movement in every axis of motion in the smallest packages available, enabling more compact machine designs and reduced production costs.

Alongside existing miniature lead screws, linear bearings, profile rail guides, brakes and linear motion systems, the extended range of miniature components now also includes the new, metric rolled ball screws metric linear ball bushing bearings and the innovative Glide Screw™; all of which provide compact and cost effective solutions.

Ben Gambrel, Senior Direct of Marketing, Linear Components Group comments, “We are very excited about this expanded range of miniature products from Thomson. Our market research has shown designers are looking for miniature sizes that don’t require compromises in machine performance. Thomson’s broad offering and quality standards provide OEM engineers peace of mind when designing more compact applications.”

“Incorporating both linear and rotary parts, Thomson miniature products are precisely engineered to work together and ensure faster design times, easy installation, overall improved machine operation and greater reliability. Thomson has vast experience in motion engineering and its miniature range is the widest selection available from a single supplier.”

Thomson provides application engineering assistance during regular working hours in North America, Europe and China with a host of online sizing, selection and design tools available 24/7. Expert engineering support and the widest selection of mechanical motion components from Thomson provide OEM design engineers a quick path to the optimal motion solution for most application

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