Friday 29 August 2014

Radio logger range launched!

Gemini Data Loggers has announced the launch of new radio loggers – Ultra Radio. Building upon the capabilities of Gemini’s existing Radio System, the new Ultra Radio units have a low profile, compact design, making them ideal for discreet indoor environmental monitoring in a variety of premises. Loggers in the Ultra range monitor voltage, current and count as well as temperature and humidity and are powered by readily available alkaline batteries, with mains powered versions also available.

Tinytag radio data loggers are ideal for use in premises with a medium to large number of monitoring points, gathering environmental data automatically using wireless communications. Data is sent via a receiver for direct viewing on a PC, across a Local Area Network, or remotely across the internet. The system self-configures to form a mesh network and is flexible, allowing loggers to be moved or added as requirements change. Data will re-route in the event of a temporary obstruction and the loggers also record the data locally, enabling robust recovery if communications problems occur. Alarm warnings can be sent via email, which in turn can be used to generate text messages, enabling corrective action to be initiated.

The unobtrusive design of the Ultra Radio range means the loggers are ideal for indoor monitoring in public buildings, offices, workplaces, retail premises and schools. A wall mounting bracket is included so that they can be positioned securely. The Ultra Radio units include two dual channel temperature and relative humidity loggers: one unit with internal sensors, and one for use with external probes. There are four single channel temperature loggers: a unit incorporating an internal sensor; and the others for use respectively with a thermistor probe; or a PT100 or a PT1000 probe – both of which are new to the Tinytag radio range.

New to the Ultra Radio System are loggers each monitoring count inputs, and low voltage and current, making them ideal for use with third party sensors to record properties such as pressure, flow rates and footfall. Loggers monitoring different parameters may be combined in each system to meet many varied applications. This versatility makes it an effective solution for example, in monitoring not only temperature/RH conditions, but also footfall, in public buildings such as museums, exhibitions areas and art galleries.

The receiver and loggers in the Ultra Radio range are compatible with existing Tinytag Radio products, and can be mixed and matched within a single system. This Tinytag Radio System is therefore a very versatile solution for meeting the varied demands of the application, the type of premises and the monitoring parameters and ranges required.

• Gemini TinyTag products are marketed by Manotherm in Ireland

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