Wednesday 27 August 2014

Rotary step attenuator for high-end audio applications

Now available from a new dedicated rotary switch web shop, is the Elma A47 audio attenuator, the first device to be announced in a new series of PCB-based audio switches being introduced by Elma Electronics.

Set up by Foremost Electronics,  Rotary Switches Online is set to become a one-stop online source for both electronics OEMs, Audiophiles and DIY HiFi enthusiasts around the world. In addition to a wide range of rotary switches and potentiometers they will also stock contemporary and vintage control knobs and accessories.

The A47 Rotary Step Attenuator incorporates a PCB based switch contact system and has been designed specifically to provide volume control for high-end audiophile equipment and offers outstanding sonic performance and precise tactile “feel” when operated. These low-profile switches provide 47 positions that offer much improved accuracy with selectable end-stops from one to eight channels.

Built with uncompromising quality the A47 features Elma’s hallmark indexing feel for superior tactile feedback and a low-bounce contact system with 3 micron gold plating. The product series offers switching torques of 4 and 8 Ncm as standard and are populated with low-noise, high precision SMT resistors offering standard input impedances of 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k or 600kΩ.

Two, non-populated THT versions are available that can be custom populated by the user. The standard version is for 0.125-0.5W resistors, and the “jumbo” PCB version is for those audiophiles that prefer the sound quality of larger wattage resistors. A free Excel-based resistor calculator tool is downloadable from the Elma website.

For convenient remote operation, an optional motorised, remote control kit with a motor drive for the A47 is available as an accessory. A selector switch variant will be added to the series later this year. These audio switches are perfect for mixing desks and outboard studio equipment as well as for high-end home audio and theatre configurations.

Alan Cook, Managing Director of Foremost Electronics, commented, “The new A47 Rotary Step Attenuator is a very high quality product for a very niche market and as such is a very good fit into our product portfolio and business model. We are able to offer a fast response, local service to high-quality audio, broadcast and audiophile equipment manufacturers.”

In addition to the A47 audio attenuator now available from Foremost, this new distribution agreement brings pushbutton switches for audio/broadcast and industrial control where high-resolution full motion video capability is required.

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