Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Revolution in UHP gas analysis for semiconductor industry!

Servomex has launched the SERVOPRO NanoChrome, revolutionizing ultra-trace purity measurements for UHP gases by incorporating the latest advances in gas sensing technology and signal processing methodology.

Designed specifically for the measurement of contaminant gases and hydrocarbons that can be present at ultra-trace levels in semiconductor manufacture, the NanoChrome delivers a superb and stable sub-ppb measurement for H2, CH4, CO, CO2 and NMHC in a range of common background gases including He, H2, N2, Ar and O2. The result is an analyzer that offers not only numerous measurement and performance advantages over traditional Flame Ignition Detector (FID) and Reduction Gas Detection (RGD) technologies, but delivers substantive cost and safety benefits not previously available to customers that rely on the highest possible gas purities to maintain product quality.

The NanoChrome delivers exceptional low detection limits through an innovative high-sensitivity Plasma Emission Detector (PED) specially developed by Servomex. Already field proven through ultra-trace measurements of argon and nitrogen, the extended measurement wavelength enables the enhanced PED to include measurements for H2, CH4, CO and CO2, as well as a direct hydrocarbon measurement with no need for a methanizer. As there is no requirement for a flammable fuel gas, the Servomex PED sensor also enhances safety and lowers operational costs.

The analytical sensitivity and reliability of the NanoChrome is enhanced by advanced signal recovery, utilizing specially developed adaptive chromatographic filtering methods and ProPeak peak detection techniques for a more sensitive and selective measurement than previously available for UHP gases. By utilizing a Direct Analysis Methodology, the NanoChrome removes the doubt associated with measurements made by FID and RGD measurements with the certainty of exceptional measurement accuracy.

Integrated alongside the Servomex DF-500 ultra-trace analyzer series and DF-700 moisture analyzer series, Servomex now offers the semiconductor industry a single, complete solution for reliable UHP gas analysis. Supported through a global support network of sales, service and support, Servomex is the only gas analysis manufacturer to deliver a single supplier solution for all UHP gas purity measurements.

“The SERVOPRO NanoChrome is a breakthrough in the measurement of UHP gas impurities because Servomex took a fundamentally fresh approach to responding to what UHP users want: a more flexible, accurate and reliable measurement, provided through a single analyzer partner, which delivers immediate performance, cost and safety benefits,” says Chuck Hurley, President, Servomex Group Limited.

“Once we understood exactly what users were asking for, the Servomex research team took a fundamentally new approach to UHP gas sensing technology. Not only did they develop a radically improved PED sensing technology, but in innovating our ProPeak processing technologies new methodologies have been created to interpret and process data. The result is a genuine leap forward for UHP gas analysis – one which we are sure will have a positive impact for the semiconductor industry.”

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