Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Miniature, half-pitch light-guides!

Multitron has announced the availability of a new range of MENTOR miniature light-guides with radiating surfaces of 2mm diameter and a grid dimension of 2.54mm. Compared with conventional 5.08mm grid light-guides, these new miniaturised versions allow twice the number of display elements within the same physical width. This offers design engineers a whole new range of possibilities, particularly when space is restricted.

These new miniature light-guide modules are available in 150 standard variants including both horizontal and vertical radiating types, and single or multi-row modules. A number of different lengths are available as standard and special lengths can be provided at low MOQs due to clever tool inserts. Some versions are panel-mounted thus avoiding the need to drill holes in the PCB. Diffused and clear light-guide options are offered and customised, coloured modules are also available; these show the LED display colour when the LED is switched off.

Despite their small radiating surface diameter of 2mm, with a relatively close side-by-side design, the miniature light-guides have been specially developed to prevent glare affecting neighbouring guide elements. This has been achieved by an in-house product creation process which starts with virtual development, and continues via simulation and prototype manufacture, all the way through to the final production stage.

This new range of light-guides extends MENTOR’S multi-category portfolio by adding over 150 new miniature light-guides. In total, MENTOR offers 452 variations of standard light guides, 209 of which are immediately available from stock with low MOQs. Other product categories in which MENTOR excel include diverse opto components, capacitive keypads, knobs, handles and illuminated switching.

As well as standard products, MENTOR has highly advanced and innovative competencies in the design and in-house manufacture of custom light guides and optics for a wide variety of applications. They are first-tier suppliers to many major automotive and lighting companies.

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