Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cooling solutions for the food and pharma industries !

Cooling solutions for industrial cabinets in corrosive and harsh production environments, such as the food, drinks and pharmaceuticals industries, must meet particularly strict requirements. For these industries Pentair now offers the  Hoffman WCHE series of air/water heat exchangers; these filterless cooling systems are completely closed to the outside environment, so neither dust nor water can enter, and do not pollute the surroundings with waste heat from the cabinet

As standard the units are supplied in powder-coated steel plate, but stainless steel versions are available on request. The WCHE series of heat exchangers use a supply voltage of 230 V and operate in an ambient temperature range of 5 to 70 °C, with an internal cabinet temperature of 10 to 50 °C. Cooling capacities range from 870 W to 12,500 kW, which is regulated by a magnetic valve in the water circuit. Integrated fans provide additional thermal protection. The Hoffman WCHE series of air/water heat exchangers are certified to NEMA type 12 (IP 55), CE and GOST (Russian Standard). UL-certified units are however also available.

The use of air/water heat exchangers does of course assume that a water supply is available. Should this not be the case in the production setting, an alternative form of cabinet cooling can be provided by air conditioners. Here Pentair recommends its Hoffman PROAIR series of air conditioners, which have been specially designed for use in corrosive and dusty environments or situations subject to spray water. Depending on the environment, these air conditioners are available as powder-coated versions in steel plate (IP 56) or in NEMA 4X stainless steel (IP 66).

These air conditioners feature the environmentally-friendly R134a refrigerant and robust compressors with an operating temperature range of -40 to +55 °C. The models are very compact and are available with various operating voltages (115, 230 and 460 V) and cooling capacities (400 to 2000 W). The optimal cooling capacity is supported by washable, reusable aluminum filters. Maintenance of these units is also extremely simple; the front cover offers rapid access to all components, and the fins of the condenser can be cleaned while the unit remains fitted in the housing. This area is provided with a special coating that is on the one hand dirt-repellent and on the other hand can also withstand corrosive environments.

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