Wednesday, 19 February 2014

More productivity with optimally cushioned pneumatic cylinders!

Festo, the leading supplier in automation equipment, has issued a new whitepaper “More productivity with optimally cushioned pneumatic cylinders” to help engineers and designers understand the advantages and disadvantages of various cushioning technologies, so they can improve their processes.

Free to download from their website, the whitepaper clearly outlines the benefits of end-position cushioning systems in pneumatic drives and highlights the latest end-position cushioning technology for pneumatic cylinders.

“Good end-position cushioning decreases the impact forces generated by changing loads and extreme dynamic stress – factors that play a crucial role in defining the travel time and speed of pneumatic cylinders,” says Steve Sands, product manager at Festo.

With the right end-position cushioning, machine builders can significantly increase the efficiencies of their entire pneumatic systems and when used to its full effect, it can improve cycle times and even reduce the size of the components used.

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