Friday, 14 February 2014

Fibre-Optic connector module!

Standard LC fibre-optic connector module added to Harting’s Han-Modular® connector series

Harting has developed a new connector module for its Han-Modular® series that allows the use of standard LC fibre-optic connectors in industrial environments.

LC connectors with GI (graded index) and single-mode optical fibre have typically been used for telecommunications and cabling in buildings, but they are increasingly being specified in industrial environments where elaborate encapsulation is required to achieve a higher degree of protection or where several individual connectors may be joined together on patch panels.

The new LC module for the Han-Modular® system houses up to six LC contacts, allowing up to 36 fibre-optic contacts to be housed in an industrial connector housing with IP65 protection.

Benefits of the modular approach include simplified handling as well as the ability to integrate additional electrical contacts, minimise service and maintenance time and increase the availability of the system as a whole.

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