Monday, 3 February 2014

Approved for automation products!

Ocean Data Systems has announced that Mitsubishi Electric has approved Dream Report as part of its e-F@ctory Alliance Program for use with its full line of automation products.

Participation in the Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance Program will enable Ocean Data Systems to test and support Dream Report with Mitsubishi Electric products. This collaboration will help ensure that our joint customers receive proven solutions to enhance their automation systems. Mitsubishi Electric will also be listed in the Dream Report "Proven Partner" program. Together, we've verified the integration of our products and commit to working together to deliver the highest quality solutions today, and migration paths for tomorrow.

"Mitsubishi Electric has a very wide range of technologies and Dream Report is an excellent solution for turning data from its systems into compliance and performance reports," explained Roy Kok, vice president of sales and marketing for Ocean Data Systems. "Dream Report offers a wide range of connectivity options from standards such as OPC, ODBC and OLE-DB, to proprietary interfaces specific to a product. Dream Report can directly interface with most Mitsubishi products today, and additional drivers will be added over time, based on customer demand."

"Dream Report is an excellent addition to our e-F@ctory Alliance Program and customers can benefit from the data analysis and information delivery that it offers in conjunction with the data collection capabilities of our hardware. The e-F@ctory Alliance Program includes a select group of companies that are strategic to enhancing our automation strategy," explained Robert Miller, senior manager of strategic collaborations and partnerships for Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. "Dream Report is widely used in industry and we are happy to support its use in Mitsubishi Electric applications."

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