Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pat testers!

Two new portable appliance tester models, the Fluke 6200-2 and Fluke 6500-2 PAT Testers have been introduced by Fluke to verify the electrical safety and operation of portable appliances in accordance with the latest relevant guidelines and regulations. These units replace the Fluke 6200 and 6500 models. With powerful auto test capabilities (6500-2) and simplified controls they increase the number of tests that can be performed per day without compromising results. The new 6500-2 offers better display visibility, 250V insulation testing, a 110V test capability and a new test capability for RCD protected appliances.

Rugged, compact and lightweight, the manual Fluke 6200-2 and automatic Fluke 6500-2 are efficient to work with and easy to carry around. Both models perform all the tests for class I and class II appliances. The 6200-2 is ideal for low volume applications, while the 6500-2 is a powerful instrument to test large numbers of appliances.

The fully automatic Fluke 6500-2 PAT tester offers pre-set and user-programmable test sequences which are initiated from a single button – speeding up test procedures and reducing time on site. It features an integral QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry (or optional Fluke barcode scanner) plus a new large backlit colour dot matrix display for showing informative Help screens and detailed data formats. A USB flash drive stick provides back-up of the internal memory and speedy transfer to a PC.

The Fluke 6200-2 PAT Tester greatly simplifies manual testing by incorporating a dedicated key for each test sequence, and provides a cost-effective solution for lower volume requirements. Pre-set pass/fail levels help save time when carrying out the tests. This model has an internal memory and a large backlit alphanumeric display for easy reading.

Both models offer 25A and 200mA earth bond tests, insulation test, touch current test, substitute current test, load/leakage test, PELV test, IEC lead test and extension lead testing. They feature a built-in carrying handle and conform to safety standard EN61010, while weighing only around 3kg. They are supplied with a separate protective hard carrying case which has extra storage space for accessories. Included in the case are test leads, a test probe, a crocodile clip, user manual and, (6500-2 only), a USB stick and lead.

Various new replacement kits are also available such as the Fluke 6500-2 UK BASIC KIT which includes Fluke DMS 0702/PAT software to enable test results to be stored and printed quickly and easily by UUT or as a listing, with an export function for listings in text or Excel format; a Fluke EXTL100, an adapter that provides easy testing of extension leads; and a Fluke PASS560R, a reel of self-adhesive labels on which can be written the appliance ID and the next test due date.

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