Friday, 28 February 2014

Cellular 4G communication & monitoring system for remote locations!

B&B Electronics has provided Quatro Electronics with a high-reliability Cellular 4G communication and monitoring system for the oversight of equipment in remote locations.
Founded in 1996, Quatro Electronics have been trusted to protect, manage and monitor remote and vulnerable sites globally offering their customers total reassurance and confidence that their valuable assets are safe and providing a robust and cost effective alternative to manned guards.

The development of a new product, The Quatro SmartTower, a unique solution for deploying the Britains most powerful video verified alarm technology designed specifically for remote site protection, required B&B Electronics to provide a new communications solution to ensure the remote tower’s transmissions were always on, to signal remote alarm conditions, provide monitoring and notification services to the control centre and offer access to the latest high speed cellular infrastructures. The B&B communication system also enabled self-monitoring of The Quatro SmartTower itself as an asset that needed to be tracked.

Working alongside their British Channel Partner, Adey Electronics, B&B was involved from the initial network design in order to provide a reliable and robust Cellular 4G platform as the core of the Quatro SmartTower communication system. The key to the system is the recently launched LR77 B&B Conel cellular router which provides Dual SIM 4G capability ensuring “always on connectivity”. Utilising the built in Global Positioning System (GPS) in the LR77 Router allowed B&B Electronics to provide Quatro with both asset tracking and real-time date/time stamping of images generated by the remote cameras and sent to the control centre.

The Quatro SmartTower is a totally IP based communications system which uses IP cameras and wireless passive detectors. By providing bespoke user modules specifically designed and written to integrate with the LR77 B&B Electronics were able to provide a high level of bi-directional automation in the field, enabling the Quatro SmartTowers to perform specific actions (e.g. directing a camera to a specific location on site), power-management and to provide crucial alarm messages to the remote control centre.

As streaming live video and CCTV images is bandwidth dependant it was essential that Quatro would be able to take advantage of the latest 4G/LTE capabilities. Basing the system around the LR77 Router exceeded the required communications requirements in both functionality and its capability to operate in remote outdoor locations. Integrating R-See-Net management software provided by B&B Electronics they Quatro are also able to manage and monitor the communications, traffic and functionality of the devices from remote monitoring stations, invaluable in the growth of deployment of the towers both in Europe and the USA.

John Robertson General Manager of Quatro Electronics, comments, “Together, B&B Europe and Adey Electronics have provided us with a high level of technical support and flexible customer service for our remote security management services. They have provided market-leading equipment, helped with the software development, networking and communications to ensure the final solution exactly met our requirements.”

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