Monday 13 January 2014

Test & Measuremnt seminars #PAuto #TandM #HVAC

Fluke has announced its programme of seminars for 2014 throughout Britain and Ireland.

The seminar covering Energy is designed to help facilities reduce their energy costs. It is aimed at plant maintenance engineers, OEM field service and energy consultants, facility managers, electrical and facility contractors and energy inspectors. Topics covered include:
    • strategies to lower energy bills, 
     • tools to identify and quantify waste, 
     • how to measure and log power consumption, 
     • how to identify and measure common production process system wastages, 
     • how to detect energy waste with vibration detection and analysis, 
     • how to calculate the cost of compressed air, 
    • how to measure voltage unbalance to calculate waste, 
    • how to quantify electrical cost of ventilation, and 
     • how to reduce HVAC costs.
Other seminars cover power quality improvement, improved maintenance practices using thermography, troubleshooting motors and drives to minimise plant downtime, and calibrating and troubleshooting process instrumentation.

The web page also provides access to webinars and webcasts that provide online training to obtain the maximum benefit in the application of thermal imagers, power quality meters and portable oscilloscopes, as well as highlighting training courses with partner institutions.

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