Wednesday 29 January 2014

Speakers announced for international emissions conference.

The organisers of CEM 2014 have published the titles of the Conference presentations that will take place from 14th to 16th May in Istanbul, Turkey. The selected presentations will be given by speakers from 13 different countries covering a wide variety of subjects within the event’s emissions monitoring theme.

The control of emissions to air can only be effective when accurate, reliable monitoring systems are in place. The Conference will therefore address all of the most topical issues relating to emissions monitoring and will contain four main themes:

  1. Regulation - international and industrial
  2. Standards, quality assurance and control
  3. Equipment innovation
  4. Case studies

Within these themes there will be presentations covering the latest regulatory changes in both Europe and the USA, in addition to a range of papers that will provide an update on relevant standards such as Quality Assurance EN14181. In addition to standards relating to industrial emissions, there will also be a paper on particulate emissions from residential heating appliances and boilers burning solid fuels.

All of the most important pollutants will be covered by the presentations, but there will be specific papers on mercury, particulates, VOCs, ammonia, dioxins, furans, formaldehyde, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

The presentations will address process and emissions monitoring issues for all types of regulated processes including power stations, steelworks, industrial processes, biogas plants, combined heat and power plants, energy from waste systems and carbon capture.

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