Thursday 30 January 2014

Enhanced energy management information system!

Real-time monitoring and analysis tools will help industrial users improve energy utilisation

Emerson Process Management and Canada-based software firm RtTech Software are to jointly develop an Emerson Energy Management Information System that will provide real-time monitoring, analysis and detection of excessive plant energy consumption.

This collaborative development initiative is the next step in Emerson’s commitment to improving industrial energy utilisation globally, known as Smart Energy Management.

Leveraging RtTech’s RtEMIS platform, the two organisations will work together to enhance the platform to accommodate Emerson’s rigorous, first-principles models for key energy equipment. With the combination of RtEMIS and Emerson’s process models, users will be able to analyse and compare three critical data points: the amount of energy a system is designed to use, what it has used over time, and what it’s consuming in the moment.

Peter Zornio Chief Strategic Officer,
Emerson Process Management
“From Emerson’s perspective, teaming with RtTech Software made great strategic sense,”
said Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer for Emerson. “Their field-proven RtEMIS product already offers a lot of the functionality we were looking for in an Emerson Energy Management Information System and is built on top of the OSIsoft PI System, the enterprise historian of choice for a majority of our customers.”

Many energy management systems are designed to allocate energy costs at the end of the month. Few systems monitor energy in real time, compare usage against a theoretical benchmark, and analyse system performance by unit, area, and across an entire plant. Emerson’s Energy Management Information System dashboards and reports will increase the visibility of site energy metrics, providing performance-improvement tools to users from field operators to plant management.

“Emerson’s broad measurement portfolio, leading wireless platform, worldwide engineering resources and experienced consultant network make them an ideal company to implement these systems for large sites,” said Pablo Asiron, chief executive officer of RtTech. “We are extremely excited and proud to be working with Emerson, and the new modelling capability will be a unique advantage of the Emerson Energy Management Information System.”

Deloitte named RtTech one of the Technology Fast 50 Companies-to-Watch in 2013. Emerson expects to launch Emerson EMIS in the spring of 2014.

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