Monday 6 January 2014

Web-based enterprise operations solution! #PAuto

Yokogawa has announced Release 10 of FAST/TOOLS® – the latest version of a web-based real-time operations management and visualisation software package that brings revolutionary changes to real-time process information intelligence. Originally developed in 1978 for a large gas collection, processing and distribution system in the Netherlands, FAST/TOOLS has evolved from SCADA and HMI software to an enterprise-wide solution used by Yokogawa customers worldwide in over 10,000 installations.

Main Features
1. Cost-effective Enterprise solutions where operator and engineering clients are served from FAST/TOOLS web servers without the requirement for external databases or thick clients. FAST/TOOLS architecture is very efficient on system resources, able to scale from small deployments of a hundred points to over a millions points enterprise solution with two hundred thousand points plus updates per second on a single server (based on actual deployments).

2. Information model (process hierarchy) - items (tags) can be segmented in up to 128 levels and 255 characters to better match enterprise topologies and naming conventions.

3. New RDBMS interfaces to the enterprise environment allows seamless bidirectional use of traditional database based information within FAST/TOOLS environment and process data within database environment.

4. Wireless mobility solution enhancements extend FAST/TOOLS support to portable touchscreen devices through HTML5 based displays that include process visualization, reporting, and trending.

5. Enhanced ProSafe-RS support for upstream oil and gas applications where it is now possible to easily support gas flow rate calculation functions in the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system and reporting and data retaining capabilities in FAST/TOOLS.

6. Distributed Temperature Sensing support for DTSX200 where advanced trending supports distance versus temperature in addition to temperature versus time to allow for accurate display of temperature in both linear (e.g., down hole) and three dimensional (e.g., wrapped LNG vessel) configurations.

Vice President Nobuaki Konishi, head of Yokogawa’s Industrial Automation Systems Business Division, had the following to say about the new release: “Based on the findings of design workshops with FAST/TOOLS users and developers, Yokogawa has embarked on a new approach to operation management. Version R10.01 offers significant enhancements in operator efficiency and application usability. More task-oriented menus, greater context sensitivity, and improved configuration frameworks will enable our customers to tailor applications that are a good fit with the way they work.”

Target Markets
Oil and gas upstream/midstream, petrochemicals, chemicals, renewable energy, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, food, iron and steel, water supply, wastewater treatment

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