Friday 31 January 2014

Temperature calibrators

Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd have extended their CS range of compact, cost effective temperature calibration sources.

Accompanying the existing combined black body/probe models, CS173, 174 & 175 calibration sources, the NEW CS350 & CS650 dry block calibrators offer users the option for in-house probe thermometer accuracy checks from 30°C up to 350°C & 650°C respectively.

Both models have a total of 12 probes holes (to the front & rear of the units) & each can display C or F.

Units will operate off 100 - 240 V. An RS232 output is standard & there is an option for USB output.

Compact and weighing no more than 6Kg, the CS350 & CS650 represents a very competitively priced option for higher temperature thermometer accuracy verification and when used in conjunction with e.g. the Eurolec RT162 precision reference thermometer, a very accurate, easy to use and cost saving alternative to external system calibration certification is provided – an ideal system to comply with quality standards such as ISO9001.

The CS350 & CS650 temperature calibration sources complement the existing Eurolec range of portable thermometers, probes, infrared thermometers and manometers.

• Established in 1998, Eurolec who are also the agents for Grant Instruments, Testo Ltd, Ono Sokki (UK & Ireland), T&D and Brainchild supply to a wide range of sectors throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and beyond.

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