Wednesday 22 January 2014

MIPI M-PHY Receiver Test solution!

Latest update to M-PHY Receiver test offering includes full support for HS Gear2 and Gear3, PWM Mode, auto calibration and margin testing

Tektronix has expanded the capabilities for its M-PHY Receiver test solution. The additional capabilities include physical layer receiver testing for High Speed Gear2 and Gear3, support for PWM Mode (G0-G7), auto-calibration and margin testing.

Engineers developing next generation mobile devices based on the M-PHY physical layer can now use this solution to resolve design challenges and overcome signal integrity issues by performing automated conformance, product validation and margin tests with ease.

Support for HS Gear2 and Gear3 and PWM Mode (G0-G7) gives designers the flexibility to perform tests at the full range of data rates for comprehensive insights into their designs. The auto calibration support for high speed gears reduces the complexity of setup, saves time, and enables users to test devices faster. Margin testing for high speed gears allows designers to validate and stress their devices to maximum potential resulting in competitive technical specifications for their products.

?Tektronix?s M-PHY receiver testing solution provides deep insights that the designers need to identify design and characterization issues early on in the product development phase,? said Brian Reich, general manager, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. ?This solution combined with the measurement precision of Tektronix oscilloscopes allows designers to stress the theoretical limits of their devices, test products faster in an automated environment and bring product to market in less time.?

Simplifying Complex M-PHY Testing
The MIPI Alliance?s M-PHY specification provides a low-power and low cost PHY solution which is scalable and flexible enough to address existing and future mobile and consumer device markets. With its changeable gears, terminations, amplitudes and high-speed serial data rates, M-PHY presents a number of test challenges on both receiver and transmitter sides that require dedicated test solutions.

Tektronix M-PHYTX/M-PHYRX automated software, for use with Tektronix DPO/MSO70000 Series oscilloscopes, covers the full range of M-PHY transmitter and receiver test requirements and features extensive protocol decode support. On the transmitter side, test setup and execution is fully automated and requires only a single instrument. For M-PHY receiver testing a performance oscilloscope and AWG7000 Series arbitrary waveform generator are the only instruments required. TekExpress automation software delivers a convenient user interface and intuitive workflow through setup and testing.

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