Tuesday 28 January 2014

UV-Vis and atomic absorption spectrometry demo videos!

Product demonstration videos on Analytik Jena website

A set of product demonstration videos has been posted on the Analytik Jena  website as well as the company’s YouTube channel. These videos show a variety of products in action, covering UV-Vis and atomic absorption spectrometry, TOC analysers and elemental analysis. They provide a really useful introduction to the instruments, highlighting their range of capabilities and ease of use.

UV-Vis instruments covered are the versatile SPECORD® 600 and SPECORD® PLUS. With Analytik Jena celebrating 50 years of SPECORD® manufacture, these videos highlight the range of capabilities from the SPECORD® 600 diode array instrument to the SPECORD® PLUS range of double beam spectrophotometers.
Three videos showcase the wide range of atomic absorption spectrophotometers from the novAA400P with its unique transverse graphite furnace design to the contra series of high resolution continuum source AA spectrometers for flame, hydride and furnace analysis which closes the gap between ICP and AAS. The contrAA series provide innovative analysis options since the continuum source provides immediate access to all elemental lines. Direct solid sampling is an important technique for both traditional and contra instruments and there is also a video showing how this can be used.
For TOC analysis, there is a video showing how the versatile multi N/C series of analysers can be used to determine bound carbon content (TIC/TOC, TC, NPOC, POC) and/or total nitrogen (TNb). They are characterised by patented innovative solutions for reliable automation to cope with the most diverse sample matrices.

Analysis of C, S and Cl in samples such as organic and inorganic solids, soil samples, sediments etc, is illustrated in the EA4000 product video. TS, TC, TX, TOC, TIC, EC and AOC parameters can be determined from sample weights up to 3g using high temperature ceramic technology..

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