Wednesday 30 January 2013

Smart vision systems for packaging inspection

Smart vision systems and compact vision systems, for applications such as product and packaging inspection; code and label reading and verification, and 3D measurement of product volume to optimise packing and reduce packaging waste, will be shown by STEMMER IMAGING at Pro2Pac (17/20 Mar 2013 London GB).

Smart cameras feature on-board image processing so do not need a PC in order to operate.
The Gocator 3D camera from LMI Technologies Inc offers a host of 3D measurement capabilities such as product volume, surface flatness and groove measurements and can be used in direct packaging applications or in the manufacture of packaging materials. Product volume measurements allow the contents of cartons and containers to be optimised to avoid wasting valuable space. Groove measurement can be used wherever grooves are essential to a product’s performance such as plastic container lids. Surface flatness measurement is ideal for web applications such as paper or plastic film production.

The BOA range of smart cameras includes the BOA, BOA Pro and BOA IDR models and offers a multitude of product and packaging inspection capabilities for product quality and packaging integrity as well as 1D and 2D code reading and verification capabilities. The BOA Pro has the powerful Sherlock software on board, previously only available on PC-based systems. Sherlock provides a comprehensive range of measurement and analysis tools complemented by advanced pattern recognition tools for object alignment and robot guidance.

GEVA-300 is a new, low cost compact vision system from Teledyne DALSA, which provides an industrial vision platform to which up to 6 GigE Vision cameras can be added for multi-camera inspection applications. Vision solutions can also be setup using the Sherlock application software or the entry level iNspect software which requires little or no prior vision experience.

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