Thursday 10 January 2013

Meeting automated test requirements!

NI PXI-2520

National Instruments released 20 new PXI and PXI Express switches last year, offering engineers higher density and higher bandwidth switches to meet a range of automated test requirements. Switches in the PXI platform simplify applications ranging from low-speed precision measurements on a dozen test points to high-frequency characterisation of integrated circuits in large multi-site configurations.

Product Features
Switch Model Number
NI PXI-2520, NI PXI-2521, NI PXI-2522, NI PXI-2523
high-density, 2 A general-purpose relays
NI PXI-2796, NI PXI-2797, NI PXI-2798, NI PXI-2799
40 GHz microwave switches
NI PXI-2540, NI PXI-2541
NI PXIe-2540, NI PXIe-2541
300/350 MHz RF matrices
NI 2833, NI 2834
2 A relay matrices for the NI SwitchBlock
NI PXI-2720, NI PXI-2722, NI PXIe-2725, NI PXIe-2727
8-bit and 16-bit programmable resistor modules
NI PXI-2543, NI PXIe-2543
6.6 GHz solid state RF multiplexers

“As a market and technology leader in PXI, NI is committed to building our switch portfolio to provide the best flexibility for the challenging applications addressed by the PXI platform,” said Charles Schroeder, Director of Test Marketing for NI. “These 20 new switch modules make it easier than ever before to integrate all your instrumentation and switches in the same platform.”

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