Wednesday 23 January 2013

Critical industrial power systems are now doubly protected

Emerson Network Power has announced that its industrial uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) now generate and broadcast self-diagnostic data for acquisition by Emerson Process Management’s AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager asset management software. This new capability enables the continuous monitoring of critical systems required for predictive maintenance in process industry plants, as well as offshore facilities, oil and gas terminals and power generation systems. With continuous visibility to UPS performance, plant managers can prevent possible downtime from UPS component wear or in the unlikely event of failure.

The Emerson Network Power solution provides information on UPS performance via the PROFIBUS DP protocol to a plant’s distributed control system (DCS) and AMS Device Manager software. Integration of the field-generated data is seamless, and alerts are issued when the performance of any specific asset falls below established norms. Managers instantly have the information they need to determine where, and how soon, maintenance should be performed, providing the predictive maintenance critical to efficient industrial maintenance. Additionally, the graphic interface is intuitive, easy-to-understand, and has a look and feel consistent with all other assets in the facility.

Emerson Process Management’s AMS Device Manager displays clearly show which assets need attention using consistent terminology to classify alerts categorised by severity. The most severe alerts require immediate attention by a maintenance technician, with the possibility of receiving remote support from Emerson experts worldwide. In all cases, detailed instructions are given for troubleshooting and repair procedures.

"UPS systems are extremely durable – built to back up industrial power systems reliably for up to 60 years. Plant maintenance personnel feel very secure about these systems and don’t get much chance to practice troubleshooting or making repairs," said David Vasselin, Vice President of Business Development at Emerson Network Power’s Chloride Industrial Power business. "This can create a situation if a component part does degrade or fail. However, our AMS Device Manager solution keeps track of the UPS for them and issues alerts with step-by-step guidance on how to solve the issue. This adds another layer of value to these backup power supplies."

Vasselin said the integration of Chloride’s industrial UPS with AMS Device Manager provides users with real-time condition monitoring, packaged with the maintenance information they need. "It is cost-effective insurance against an unexpected power outage where losses can run into the millions of dollars per day."

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