Thursday 31 January 2013

Modbus device communications software

Develop your own Windows programs and solutions for Modbus-based automation and control applications without OPC constraints or costly licenses.

NET.MBLINK 4.0 is a factory floor device communications software just introduced by CimQuest INGEAR. This software delivers fast communications between Modbus-based devices—such as PLCs, meters, instruments and controllers—and industrial computers, without the need for costly OPC servers or licensing fees.

It provides direct communication to Modbus devices and controllers using TCP/IP and serial protocols, eliminating the need for expensive, PLC vendor-supplied software drivers.

NET.MBLINK 4.0 allows users to develop their own Windows programs, system services, class libraries and ASP.NET solutions for automation and control applications without OPC constraints. For OEMs and end users with multiple applications, NET.MBLINK 4.0 offers run-time-free deployments without additional license fees. No costly third-party components, drivers, APIs or tools are needed.

For example, a user may want to develop a supervisory control system that takes data from a PLC or PAC, stores in an historian, makes calculations, and sends commands back to the PLC or PAC to start or stop motors, change a valve position, or move a robot. When the communications are via Modbus, NET.MBLINK 4.0 allows the user to do this without installing additional software or paying license fees.

Other features include:
• Data scanning using background threads with selectable read/write, read-only or write-only operations
• Data linking to form controls such as labels, text box, sliders, knobs, gauges, dial and meters for automatic updating of user interface screens
• Data scaling for converting raw values to engineering units and vice-versa
• Data simulation for code development and testing
• Managed code specifically written to address the demands of writing HMI or data acquisition and control applications for Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

Like all solutions in the INGEAR.NET software family, NET.MBLINK 4.0 is a run-time-free class library that simplifies building, developing and deploying connected systems for manufacturing and data acquisition applications using Visual Studio .NET 2012, 2010, 2008 and 2005.

Applications developed with NET.MBLINK 4.0 can run on 64 and 32-bit computers and PACs, with operating systems from Windows CE and XP up to Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Compact Framework and Windows Mobile, as well as Linux with Mono Framework.

To provide users with flexible purchase options, NET.MBLINK 4.0 is offered in multiple editions, including a Developer Edition, Team Edition and Compact Framework Edition. An optional USB license key is also available to easily allow development capabilities on run-time computers for field testing and debugging.

For example, when an application is deployed to a target machine, a runtime-only license is included with the final application. The runtime-only license does not support any further development or debugging, thus protecting a user’s or an OEM’s software from tampering. If field changes are needed, the USB License overrides the runtime-only license, allowing a programmer to edit, test and debug. When the programmer is finished, he or she removes the USB key and the target machine returns to runtime-only operation.

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