Friday 23 November 2012

Communications platform enhanced!

KEPServerEX 5.10 Features new ABB TotalFlow communications Driver, additional support to the Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) option, and EFM support to the Fisher ROC and ROC+ drivers for the Oil & Gas industry.

Kepware® Technologies also made enhancements to its entire library of communication drivers covering all industries to ensure optimal performance and reliability and enhanced the KEPServerEX communications server platform to streamline management and diagnostics of devices.

“Connecting disparate automated devices and systems is our business, and we excel at identifying and deploying the right solution to meet the specific challenges of every industry we serve,” said Tony Paine, President and CEO of Kepware Technologies. “The experience we bring to the Oil & Gas industry is backed by our proven interoperability, centralized communications and scalability.”

Keeping track of who provided how much product to a pipeline is a laborious and difficult task associated with custody transfer in the midstream and upstream markets. Kepware’s KEPServerEX helps streamline the delivery of information across the Oil & Gas supply chain by automatically polling the pipeline’s Flow Computers and collecting their historical flow data. This data is then formatted properly and stored locally for input to the industry’s leading flow analysis and accounting solutions such as Flow-Cal and PGAS, via KEPServerEX’s enhanced EFM Exporter. The EFM Exporter now includes the ability to export user-configurable CSV files for use in custom flow-analysis solutions, operational monitoring and analysis, as well as easy data storage.

Kepware continues to enhance its core server with a focus on deployment, management, and diagnostics. All drivers in Kepware’s EFM Suite now offer both EFM and real-time data, allowing customers to consolidate their data into a single-server communications platform. Additional KEPServerEX 5.10 features include:

-New driver for ABB Totalflow devices.
-New EFM support to the company’s existing Fisher ROC and ROC+ drivers, further enhancing communications to Flow Computers.
-Added COM port sharing for serial-based drivers. This new feature serializes multiple communication protocols over a single network in order to streamline telemetry over radio or modem systems. This functionality is particularly relevant for telemetry applications, including Oil & Gas, Water/Waste Water, and Power Distribution.
-New organizational views in the server Configuration enables more efficient management of large projects. The added feature enables users to “Organize by Driver” and “Organize by Connection,” helping individuals efficiently diagnose and correct network issues. In addition, users now have the ability to view shared connections as well as what Network Interface Cards and virtual networks are being used.

Aside from Kepware’s new products for the Oil & Gas industry, the company is also announcing its preparation for Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix v21 firmware update. Kepware is working closely with Rockwell in order to implement the new Symbol Instance Addressing, which replaces the Direct Memory Access (DMA).

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