Monday 26 November 2012

Cooling changes!

Rittal’s new TopTherm Generation Blue e cooling units provide an energy efficient means of cooling enclosures and offer benefits that include a wide range of nominal cooling outputs, from 500 to 4000 Watts; energy savings of up to 45% – in ideal conditions up to 70% and intelligent Eco-Mode control for on demand energy usage.

As well as the reduced operating costs associated with greater energy efficiency, the Blue e cooling units also have the following benefits over the Basic variant. Larger enclosure internal temperature setpoint range, with a lower limit of 20°C; visualisation of enclosure internal temperature and error messages on a 7-segment display; up to 10 units may be connected in a ma-ster/slave configuration; switching hysteresis is adjusta-ble in the range 2-10°C; parameters are easily adjusted using the exposed buttons, however passcode protection restricts access and prevents accidental adjustment of parameters; improved monitoring, including high condensate level and dirty filter mat warnings; setting up and interrogation possible using the RiDiag II diagnostic software and may be incorporated into higher-level remote monitoring systems.

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