Wednesday 14 November 2012

Support for BACnet/IP

Control Technology Corp has added BACnet/IP support as a standard feature to its Model 5300 Automation Controller.

Model 5300 Automation Controller

The 5300 series programmable automation controllers can be simultaneously connected to one or more Fieldbus networks. BACnet/IP, Modbus master/slave, and CTC Binary communications are standard on the CPU module. BACnet/IP is supported on the controller’s Ethernet port. Additional Fieldbus networks are supported by Fieldbus Modules that plug into the Model 5300 backplane.

The 5300 Blue Fusion controller implements BACnet/IP so it can be either a dedicated server and/or initiate transactions as a client, monitoring online devices. As a server an external BACnet/IP client can access virtually any public variable or I/O within the controller as an object, either for monitoring or modification. In addition to supporting standard BACnet objects, the Model 5300 supports full-time synchronization and multiple read/writes.

Tom Schermerhorn, CTC’s President, was happy to announce the availability of BACnet: “We are constantly expanding our toolbox, to meet the needs of our customers. Since BACnet is designed specifically for the building automation and control industry, our customers with products or systems that manage HVAC, power, safety and security are well served by this option — an additional communications resource for specialised applications.”

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