Thursday 15 November 2012

RFID connectivity via EtherCAT

Many users in the material handling, automobile manufacturing, and intralogistics sector see the IDENTControl concept from Pepperl+Fuchs as the answer to all their needs, because the perfect modularity and general command structure facilitate the use of RFID technology. The wide range of fieldbus solutions makes it possible for users to standardize and use a wide range of programmable logic controllers on a worldwide basis. Because LF, HF, and UHF read/write heads can be connected to the same IDENTControl interface, the system can be perfectly tailored to the relevant applications. Thus, RFID makes it easy to resolve the increasing demands for a large number of variants and short cycle times—through to just-in-time production in the automotive industry. Modularity, flexibility, and investment security are key concerns at Pepperl+Fuchs.

For example, with the new EtherCAT interface, our RFID systems can be connected directly to Beckhoff controllers. Thanks to high-speed communication, a large data range of up to 256 bytes of data per cycle can be transferred to the controller.

A parallel diagnostic interface allows the device properties and component statuses to be queried during operation. The General Station Description data can be stored as an ESI file in the controller for parameterization.

Most RFID applications require one or two readers and IDENTControl Compact is intended for this purpose. Their particular advantage, however, lies in the sophisticated EMC concept employed. However, the metal housing not only benefits EMC, but is also suitable for field mounting in IP67 in its robust version.
The flexible and modular IDENTControl from Pepperl+Fuchs
The RFIDControl Software, which is available free of charge, allows further diagnostics and parameterization functions.This means that today, it is simple to set up a dependable logistics system, an optimized goods process chain, and reliable variant manufacturing. RFID primarily distinguishes itself from barcode and 2-D code solutions through its robust read/write tags and an additionally available write function. Furthermore, RFID readers are durable, as they are based on the inductive principle and contain no moving parts.

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