Tuesday 6 November 2012

App for thermographers

To celebrate the recent launch of the FLIR Tools Mobile App, Ashtead Technology will be giving away a free Apple iPad 2 with every FLIR thermal camera purchase (E-series and above) invoiced before 31st December 2012.

The new app allows users to remotely control their thermal camera by importing, analysing, managing, and sharing thermal images whilst connected wirelessly to FLIR's new T620, T640, and E-Series (E40, E50, and E60) cameras. This creates the opportunity for users to monitor from a distance and see what the camera is seeing as it happens. Additionally, users could use the app to incorporate images into professional reports, and then send them from the field to colleagues by email.

Ashtead Technology stocks a wide range of the latest thermal imaging cameras from FLIR so that customers can choose the best instrument for every job, covering applications as diverse as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, leak detection, tank level monitoring, gas detection and research.

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