Wednesday 14 November 2012

Plant monitoring

Upgraded condition monitoring software for preventive maintenance

The effective maintenance of plant and machinery depend heavily on the quality and quantity of data acquisition and analysis. In version 03.05 of its monitoring software Siplus CMS X-Tools, the Siemens Industry Automation Division has provided a range of new maintenance functions.

For any modern manufacturing company, high plant availability is crucial. This makes it all the more important to ensure that efficient maintenance methods are in place. Siemens addresses this problem with its condition monitoring system Siplus CMS and monitoring software X-Tools for add-on integration into existing automation systems. They come with an extensive library of functions for analysis, diagnosis and condition monitoring. The upgraded version of Siplus CMS X-Tools V03.05 provides an array of new functions to simplify and improve scope for condition monitoring. The Fast Analysis function allows archived and real time data to now be evaluated even more quickly and simply. Using the extended report functions, users can now generate their own event-driven trend graphs. New vector diagrams permit improved evaluation, for example of network situations.

Additional measurement cursors – now numbering up to 99 – also provide greater scope for measuring data and evaluation: The cursors are updated and automatically displayed on a speeddependent basis. Damage-typical frequency markers allow users to quickly and easily identify progressive damage. Using a new process-controlled trigger marking system, archived measurement data can be simply located and assigned as required.
The main illustration (left) shows a raw signal and a velocity signal (red line).The two illustrations on the right show two different damage analyses: at the top next to a main cursor five sideband cursors (orange lines) and below seven harmonic cursors (green line)

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