Wednesday 7 November 2012

Acquisition strengthens manufacturing automation software

Aegis has concluded the acquisition of diplan GmbH in Germany and diplan Asia based in Shanghai with operations in Singapore. This exciting combination of companies establishes what they are calling “Aegis 2.0” as the industry leader in manufacturing automation software with regard to product scope, technology, regional presence and customer base.

Aegis’ Manufacturing Operations Software has always offered the best and most complete solution from new product introduction through shop floor execution, traceability and analytics. diplan’s highly-evolved warehouse, materials control, and optimization and scheduling solution advances the Aegis’ MOS offering to a level of capability never before offered in our industry. The two companies represent a rare combination of complementary technologies, synergy of people, geographical locations and service infrastructures worldwide.

“diplan brought the electronics assembly market extraordinary software technologies a decade ahead of others. Their talented organization built strong distribution in Germany and Asia, and earned a large and enthusiastic installed base.” commented Aegis CEO Jason Spera. “We are truly excited to welcome our new colleagues to Aegis and look forward to bringing unprecedented software capability to the worldwide market as one company.”

Geographically, diplan greatly accelerates Aegis’ expansion into Europe and Asia. Their established strength in both markets immediately gives Aegis 2.0 a strong operational coverage of these regions. This fits perfectly with Aegis’ dominant presence in North America, where they have the overwhelming leading market share, and their established UK, Scandinavia and Benelux presence. diplan also has strength in South America. The acquisition significantly increases Aegis’ staff worldwide. The merged customer bases, particularly multinational customers, will enjoy follow-the-sun support. German-speaking nations will be properly serviced in their native language and the newly expanded Mandarin-speaking organization will better support Chinese customers.

Aegis 2.0 synergistically combines the success, innovation, unique skill and people of diplan with those of Aegis to generate maximally increased value. Accordingly, diplan’s founders, Dr Friedrich Nolting and Dr Schlüter, are becoming Directors of Aegis Europe and Aegis Asia. They are also joining a Management Council alongside Aegis’ CEO, Jason Spera and CTO, John Walls. The visionaries who created diplan’s success will bring that value to Aegis 2.0’s executive management.

“As founders of diplan, Dr. Schlüter and I wanted to ensure our staff and our products expand and prosper going into the future. We found we share a common vision and approach with the leadership of Aegis. We look forward to becoming part of Aegis’ executive staff and bringing diplan’s people, products and spirit of innovation to the Aegis group.”, commented Dr. Friedrich Nolting on the acquisition.

The innovation and scope of this new technology, together with Aegis 2.0’s truly global sales and service coverage, confirms the company’s position as the industry’s leading manufacturing automation software supplier.

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