Thursday 22 November 2012

Interface connections

EtherCAT interface connects sensors to factory automation

Included in RDP Electronics Ltd’s extensive range of transducers is a comprehensive programme of products from MTS. Thanks to the ability to measure very long displacements, versions are particularly suited to measurements both inside and outside hydraulic cylinders. Devices are available with analogue and various digital communications options, including an EtherCAT version for connection to the open field-bus system implemented as Ethernet for Control Automation Technology.

The R-Series EtherCAT sensors are simple to connect to this Ethernet-based fieldbus system and operated as a slave on this bus system which benefits from a high data rate, short response time and a good real-time performance.

The absolute Temposonics linear position sensors are based on the MTS developed magnetostrictive measurement principle that combines various magneto-mechanical effects and precise speed-measurement of an ultrasonic wave for position detecting. Sensor integrated signal processing transforms the measurements directly into standard outputs. The contactless principle - an external movable magnet marks the position - eliminates wear, noise and erroneous signal problems.

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