Thursday, 2 June 2022

Power to managed switches.

Technology prevents power drop during switch firmware upgrades

When deploying managed PoE switches in an industrial network, upgrading firmware is an inevitable action to enhance switch performance. However, upgrading typically requires devices powered by the switch's PoE to be shutdown for up to 15 minutes or more. As a result, data from these Powered Devices (PDs) that businesses rely upon to make informed decisions cannot be captured. PoE-powered PDs at risk include IP cameras, sensors, PLCs, VoIP phones, PoE lighting, and non-PoE switches.

Antaira provides an innovative new solution to this problem by integrating Persistent PoE technology into its 802.3bt PoE managed switches. This patented technology ensures power is continuously carried to PDs during firmware upgrades so data collection is not terminated, plus it prevents connected PDs from rebooting once power is restored. Uninterrupted PD availability is mission critical in IP video surveillance, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Smart Factories, remote kiosks, and automated parking — all applications that would benefit from Persistent PoE.

As enterprises modernize, they're increasingly adopting PD devices and facing greater exposure to the danger of lost PoE power that will compromise data collection and video monitoring. Antaira Persistent PoE technology mitigates this risk. Customers can opt for Antaira LMP-1204G-SFP-bt, LMP-0702G-SFP-bt or LMP-C602G-SFP-bt series managed switches, featuring a mix of 6 to 12 Ethernet and SFP fiber ports combined with 802.3bt PoE++ delivering up to 90W per port with the reliability of Persistent PoE.

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