Friday, 10 June 2022

Joining modules.

The new NCFE Type 2162A electromechanical joining module from Kistler, is designed specifically for applications where low joining forces between 2 and 5 kN are needed. The compact design with a centre distance of only 80 mm allows multiple arrays to be installed in minimum space. The new module is ideal for applications ranging from simple, manually controlled single unit installations to automatic multiple unit applications in a wide range of industries where precision and repeatability are essential.

Unlike pneumatic and hydraulic systems, the Kistler NCFE joining modules are simple to install and can be relocated easily when needed. Total cost of ownership is exceptionally low due to low maintenance and energy consumption leading to rapid cost recovery, often in only a few months.

Installation may be vertical or horizontal using flange mounting or the optional mounting rail adapter for 35 mm cap rail and tapped holes for tool mounting are provided on the plunger. A strain gauge force sensor is integrated into the housing with a side mounted, electronically commutated AC servodrive drive motor with an absolute encoder for the exact positioning. Standard functions such as block pressing, position pressing and force feedback controlled pressing as well as intermediate positioning are supported.

The lower measuring range and compact design enables plant engineers to implement simple but cost-sensitive processes with maximum efficiency. As with all joining modules in the NC series, the NCFE Type 2162A includes an interface for the Kistler maXYmos NC monitoring system making integration into the process environment simply and straightforward.

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