Friday, 3 June 2022

Selecting cameras and sensors.

Today, there is more choice than ever when it comes to machine vision camera sensors and models. Beyond, megapixels and speed, a good place start narrowing down camera choices is with EMVA 1288 information*. These specifications allow the comparison of the image quality of cameras and sensors such as read noise or how well they might perform in low light conditions.
To help system engineers find the right sensor and camera for their needs, Teledyne FLIR's Camera Sensor Review ranks 100+ models by their performance for: 

  • Quantum efficiency
  • Temporal Dark Noise
  • Absolute Sensitivity Threshold
  • Signal to Nose Ratio (Read Noise)
  • Saturation Capacity
  • Dynamic Range
  • Gain

For those not familiar with these popular tools, the Reviews also provides explanations on what each specification means and describes different sensor types including updates to the latest sensor technologies.

* Both Mono and Color version of the reviews are available in English, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

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