Thursday, 2 June 2022

Inside the pipe!

The FLEXPOINT® Radial laser module from Laser Components can be used to precisely measure the inside of a pipe and detect irregularities as small as 50 µm.
The fine, ring-shaped beam has a homogeneity of 80% and achieves an output power of 50 mW at a wavelength of 660 nm. The laser light is directed onto a cone-shaped mirror in the module and reflected uniformly at an angle of 360 °. Thus, the space-saving laser module gets by without rotating elements that would make it failure-prone. The focus of the laser line is adjusted in production to the needs of the customer's application.

The module was developed in close cooperation with MSG Maschinenbau to facilitate the inspection of high-pressure pipelines. To withstand the immense stresses of daily operation, the tubes must have a perfectly round cross-section. In the past, this could only be determined via inaccurate measurements on the outside. With the ring laser module, surveying equipment can create a detailed 3D model of the inside of a pipe, making precise measurements possible.

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