Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Unmanaged Ethernet switches

Unmanaged switches are increasingly being deployed across networks to connect the edge devices that make up the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Inexpensive and simple to install, unmanaged switches enable Ethernet devices, such as surveillance cameras or sensors, to communicate with each other so IIoT networks can reliably stream data for improved decision making.

At first glance, unmanaged switches may appear similar. Yet a plant or factory floor is physically very different than an office environment. Unhardened switches cannot withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations, dust, chemical substances, and EMI. Antaira unmanaged switches, however, are specially engineered to be resistant to unforgiving industrial environments.

Antaira's latest unmanaged switch models are the LNP-0800G and LNP-0800G-24 series. Housed in rigid, IP30-rated DIN-rail metal cases, these fanless switches deliver long-term reliability in harsh industrial settings, including extreme applications where temperatures range from -10°C to 65°C (LNP-0800G) or -40°C to 75°C (LNP-0800G-24). Both support eight Gigabit Ethernet connections with the added benefit of 30W per port PoE+ (802.3af/at) power for remote devices, eliminating the expense of electrical wiring. Both also support 9.6Kbytes Jumbo Frame to improve network performance by making data transmissions more efficient. Store-and-forward transmission ensures minimal collisions and frame errors, while high EFT and ESD protection prevents interference in automation, ITS, solar or other high electromagnetic environments.

The key difference between LNP-0800G and LNP-0800G-24 switches is that the LNP-0800G-24 supports dual 9-55VDC power inputs for power redundancy, while the LNP-0800G has a range of 48-55VDC for basic power requirements. As a result, the LNP-0800G-24 helps users gain greater flexibility in automation systems.

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